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There are many myths surrounding hypnosis and hopefully I have answered your questions in this hypnotherapy FAQ. Clinical hypnosis, which I offer is vastly different to what you see on stage.

Hypnotherapy FAQ – Your questions answered

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the act of achieving a trance-like state that allows a therapist like Amanda to connect directly with your subconscious mind.
Moreover, while in a trance like state, your conscious mind has simply ‘gone off duty‘ resulting in effective therapy taking place.
It is important to note that while you are in a trance-like state, you are not unconscious.

What is hypnotherapy?

As a professional hypnotherapist, Amanda’s role is to help you with making changes so that you can free yourself of negative, or unwanted feelings. This process of holistic healing will therefore allow you to experience fulfilment and happiness.
Speaking directly with your sub-conscious mind and discovering the root of an issue takes place following clinical hypnosis.

How long will it take to see results?

Most people can see results in three to five weekly sessions, but it does depend on the issue at hand and your continual commitment.
During your first session, we will agree a treatment plan and each session lasts approximately 50 to 90 minutes.

What is a trance like state?

In life, we are either fully awake, or in the drowsy in-between state, or asleep.
A trance state is something each of us experiences every day. It is a completely natural state that can happen numerous times in a day.
Examples include, waking up first thing when you are just becoming conscious and aware of sound, and when you are just drifting off to sleep at night, feeling drowsy and comfortable. You are still slightly conscious but unaffected by an active mind, this is a trance state.
Zoning out is like going into a trance-like state, just like you do in that boring meeting when the speaker is droning on and on and on and on….
In all of the examples above, you have the ability to regain control whenever you choose. If you have any questions regarding hypnotherapy with Amanda, give her a call today on 07916 543 785.

What if hypnotherapy doesn’t work for me?

Firstly, please know that every person is capable of entering a hypnotised state. If you have found yourself daydreaming, you were in a hypnotic like state therefore, hypnotherapy can work.
The key is fully committing to your ongoing sessions and working with Amanda to achieve results.
Most importantly, if you don’t believe that hypnotherapy will work, please don’t commit. If you’re doubting it will work, it won’t work. If you’re willing and open to hypnosis and holistic therapies, you can achieve success.

Please note that there are unfortunately, a few medical conditions where hypnosis is unsuitable. These are: –
Under the influence of alcohol/drugs
Learning difficulties if affecting cooperation

Will I have to discuss my trauma during hypnotherapy with Amanda?

Firstly, discussing trauma is a sensitive topic however, it needs to be relevant to the issue at hand. All discussions are strictly confidential.
Secondly, Amanda considers herself to be approachable, emphatic and down to Earth. Therefore, she will respect your wishes at all times.
Your initial consultation with Amanda will provide you with a safe space to speak about any concerns.
Finally, if Amanda believes that discussing trauma is appropriate, she will inform you beforehand therefore allowing you peace of mind.

Why choose Hypnotherapy with Amanda?

Amanda’s own journey of inner healing introduced her to hypnotherapy.
She was a long term sufferer of stress that resulted in her diagnosis of General Anxiety Disorder. It was such a low point in her life and she still remembers her depression, and how she felt like a burden on those around her.
These days, she successfully manages her stress and anxiety. Together with Reiki, hypnotherapy is simply life transforming.
Wouldn’t you prefer someone who has experience of what you’re going through?
It makes sense to her that you should choose a hypnotherapist who has been where you are now, hence why she specialises in stress and anxiety.
Of course, she doesn’t limit herself to treating just anxiety and stress with hypnotherapy.

If your questions are not answered in Amanda’s hypnotherapy FAQ, please get in touch and ask.

You may also find additional answers over with the General Hypnotherapy Standard Council. Amanda is a registered practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

General Hypnotherapy Register
General Hypnotherapy Register


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