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Tsuki Reiki – aMOONda

aMOONda Reiki is my blending of Reiki with moon magic to not only promote your inner healing, but also assist you with transforming your life. Therefore, if you are looking to create or sustain a more fulfilling life, aMOONda Reiki is for you!

Moon Magic Infused Reiki
  • Approximately 90 to 120 minute session
  • You will receive a consultation so that I can tailor the the treatment specifically for you
  • Monthly sessions recommended
  • Discount applies when booking three sessions
  • If you are ready for transformational change, book now to create your new life!

Benefits of aMOONda Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful, deeply relaxing experience that provides healing energy on a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional plane. Moon magic on the other hand, not only brings in healing energy but also promotes your spiritual growth. To see and feel the magic of the universe on a daily basis is truly enlightening. Other benefits include: –

  • Reiki works by releasing your stresses, which subsequently, if allowed to remain can lead to illness
  • It is an effective way of creating a high level of well-being thus resulting in balancing your mind and emotions
  • As a result of receiving Reiki, you begin developing a positive attitude
  • Furthermore, Reiki expands your creativity
  • Also it enhances your personal growth while increasing your energy
  • Additionally, you are creating a firm foundation to bring in a more fulfilling life
  • We will be harnessing the moon’s energy with each session to assist you with growing your dreams
  • The likes of Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi knew the importance of a positive mindset. I will be showing and teaching you how to apply this thinking, so that you too can achieve your goals and desires.
Moon Reiki with Amanda in Liverpool
Moon Reiki with Amanda in Liverpool

Fusing Reiki with moon magic is my blend of healing energy to assist you with creating a more fulfilling life. For the past year, I have successfully infused the two for my self-care and now I am bringing it to you.

Previously, many moons ago now, excuse the pun, I most certainly was not living a fulfilling life. I was simply existing!

Each day, I woke up, feeling down that I had to go to work, again, feeling under appreciated and battling with stress. Furthermore, I was making myself ill as a result of feeling trapped with no way out. In addition, my personal life wasn’t much better. Unfortunately, my self-worth was depleting the longer I chose to remain in this situation. I was trapping myself with fears of doom if I quit my career and the thought of losing everything was all too consuming. Eventually, I did suffer terribly with burn out, debilitating anxiety, and also depression.

My road to recovery has been a wonderful and exiting adventure. Moreover, if I knew then what I know now, I would have avoided a lot of pain in my life. However, luckily for you, my wisdom, knowledge and more importantly, experience with results is waiting for you!

Specifically, to bring in transformational change, what you think, feel, and believe is your foundation. Therefore, if you are not feeling it, or more importantly, believing it, you will have trouble succeeding. It really is as simple as that!

What is Moon Magic?

Practicing moon magic daily brings me good fortune in ALL areas of my life. This includes not only my work, but the wellbeing of my mind, body, and soul. My practice allows me to maintain emotional balance during difficult phases. Let us be realistic right now. Life is not perfect and will not remain perfect!

Without beautiful moon magic in my life, I can only imagine how much anxiety and depression I maybe feeling right now.

Her energy is with us every day and not just when she’s starting a new phase or has reached full moon status. Her energy beams down continuously and for this reason, I honour and think of her daily. As a result, my psychic abilities are continuing to grow and I connect easily with my guides. I allow them to guide me and Moon Reiki is just one of many results.

Visiting my Moon Magic Journal will provide you with further information about the moon.

If you are ready for transformational change, book now to create your new life.

Finally, your intuition is telling you to get in touch and find out more otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Let me infuse you with my passion and experience and together we can create your wonderful new life.

Therapy Location

Based in Liverpool, Amanda offers her services in the privacy of her home. Without a doubt, Amanda takes the upmost care to ensure your confidentiality, comfort and care for ensuring your successful therapy session.

Her home is located in the Bowring Park (L16) area of Liverpool and full address details will be provided during the booking process.

Amanda also offers Reiki treatments and training. If you’re interested in Reiki please visit Learn Reiki and Liverpool Crystals for more information.



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