Reiki and Hypnotherapy in Liverpool

Price List

Amanda’s current price list reflects how she is fully understanding that it is sometimes difficult paying for multiple sessions in advance. Therefore, Amanda is also offering you the option of paying for each hour of her time. Please note that these services are for Bowring Park only. For services offered in Liverpool, St. John’s Market, please visit, Gemstone and Tarot and view the Services menu.

Price List

Therapy – Bowring Park Only!Bowring Park, L16
Past Life Regression (Interest Only).£65
Past Life Regression for Therapy (Minimum three sessions)£180
Menopause with Amanda (Six sessions) – is my holistic approach to helping ladies embrace their menopause. If you are feeling out of sorts and struggling with life, whether it be in your personal life or career, I can help you manage your symptoms of menopause.£350
Clinical Hypnosis – It is important to note that while you are in a trance-like state, you are not unconscious. For further information about clinical hypnosis please refer to the Hypnotherapy FAQ.£65 per session or £180 for a block of three
Quit Smoking – Clinical hypnosis is an effective method with helping individuals to quit smoking and it can be achieved in one session. However, some people do prefer an additional session as a follow up. A hypnotherapist works with your subconscious mind to change any negative patterns and behaviours associated with smoking.

This can be achieved in one session totalling 90 to 120 minutes. A free 20 minute consultation is required for this service.
Reiki Crystal Spa – 90 minutes. This is Reiki combined with elements of hypnotherapy to provide you with a deep, relaxing crystal meditation£65
Reiki combined with Hypnotherapy – 120 minutes. Reiki with deep relaxation aimed at a specific issue such as stress, anxiety, and menopause symptoms.£75 per session or £200 for a block of three
Amanda Norman Therapy Prices
Add on packages – Bowring Park only!
A collection of services to compliment the treatments above, thus saving you money.
Add on FeeNormal Fee
General Tarot Reading – Approximately 40 minutes minimum of 10 cards looking at the past, present and future of a situation.£25£45
Six Month Tarot Reading – Approximately 60 minutes minimums of 14 cards looking at your strengths and weaknesses of each month. Which path will you follow?£30£50
Reiki with crystals – Approximately 40 minutes.£30£50
Add on packages.
Amanda Norman

Speaking to Amanda can address any additional questions you may have furthermore, she also offers a FREE consultation over the telephone up to a maximum of 20 minutes, which can be booked here.

Block of Three Sessions

Paying for your therapies in advance is a cost effective price method that also assists with keeping your prices low.

  • Most therapies do require a minimum of three sessions
  • Session one is for assessing your requirements and the beginning of your therapy
  • Session two is progressing with your therapy
  • Session three is finalising and/or evaluating your progress, which will include further therapy

Pay As You Go Fee

Additionally, paying for each individual session offers an alternative option of payment that will enable easier access

It’s not easy for Amanda to tell you how many sessions you will require until a consultation is completed. Most therapies do require a minimum of three sessions however, Amanda will discuss your options during your consultation when drawing up your treatment plan.

Bookings, Terms and Conditions

Booking terms and conditions are available for you to read here. Most important for you to know is that Amanda requires a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. Therefore, it’s important that you are aware of your conditions when making an appointment.

Therapy Location

Based in Liverpool, Amanda offers her services in the privacy of her home. Without a doubt, Amanda takes the upmost care to ensure your confidentiality, comfort and care for ensuring your successful therapy session.

Her home is located in the Bowring Park (L16) area of Liverpool and full address details will be provided during the booking process.

Amanda also offers Reiki treatments and training. If you’re interested in Reiki please visit Learn Reiki and Liverpool Crystals for more information.