Reiki and Hypnotherapy in Liverpool


Below you will find a list of Amanda’s services and clicking on a button will provide you with further information. You can also find her current price list here. Most important to note, is that a consultation will take place before proceeding with any of the services below.

No matter what your race or gender, Amanda strives to provide inclusive and non-discriminatory hypnotherapy services to all adults. Therefore, she is offering you a safe and welcoming environment while delivering her services from a soul level perspective. Please get in touch if you would like to ask her any questions.


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression – Interest Only

An interest only session to explore past lives will last 1.5 hours. Further information about past life regression is available by clicking the button below. There is also an option to add a past life tarot reading. Please view add on packages by clicking here. If you are looking for past life regression for therapy, this is provided through her clinical hypnosis service.

Menopause with Amanda

Learn how to manage your symptoms so that you can fully embrace life and your menopause. This programme is a total of six sessions, based weekly or fortnightly.

Menopause with Amanda
Reiki and Hypnotherapy services in Liverpool

Reiki with Hypnotherapy

Combining Reiki with Hypnotherapy is not only a beautiful blend of two holistic therapies, it also brings you deep and soulful relaxation. Furthermore, combining them together enhances your overall healing experience.

Clinical Hypnosis

A number of issues can be addressed using clinical hypnosis with examples being, weight management, stress control, past life regression therapy, and more.

Amanda Norman Therapies

Amanda fully believes that her calling is to offer spiritual healing services, which stems from her own personal struggles. You can read more about Amanda here and thankfully, following training, she’s fully certified with insurance.

Other services offered by Amanda Norman.

Amanda also offers the following services and please note that some of these can be combined with hypnotherapy or life coaching. Please ask for further information when making your enquiry.

Reiki in Liverpool

Reiki in Liverpool
Reiki in Liverpool

Practiced regularly, Reiki is a consistent and vital means of relieving and releasing stress, tension, and hypertension. It is wonderfully relaxing and is highly beneficial. Click here. If you would like to learn Reiki, please visit Learn Reiki.

Tarot Reading Services

Tarot reader in Liverpool
Book a tarot reading with Amanda

Amanda combines her tarot readings with life coaching and spiritual healing that provides you with a positive, and fulfilling experience. Her intention is to realign you with your souls purpose thus giving you back, control of your life. You will feel empowered and full of beautiful, positive energy. Click here.

Free No Obligation Consultation

Amanda Norman Services

When embarking on any kind of therapy, it’s important that you connect with your therapist. Your connection is one of mutual respect and all conversations are conducted in the strictest of confidence. Additionally, it helps you if your therapist understands your trauma or problem from personal experience.

You too are worthy of feeling happy and safe. Together we will build a foundation of support that works for you!

Amanda Norman Adv/Dip/Hyp

Amanda offers a free, no obligation phone call via appointment only that will last approximately 20 minutes. Get in touch today and discover if Amanda is to be your chosen therapist.

Amanda is a certified life coach and hypnotherapist who is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.