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Reiki and Past Lives


Reiki and past lives is a combination that although I know goes well together, I had not yet thought of experimenting with it. However, today it happened unexpectedly with fascinating results. Creating this journal allows me to explore my feelings and grow my wisdom.

Reiki and Past Lives

To begin with, I originally set out using Reiki to connect with my guides to see who they are, and what messages they have for me.

It is a truly wonderful and relaxing experience when we combine meditation and Reiki. As for past life regression, this is something that I only use with hypnosis. However, my latest experience has got me thinking.

Using Reiki to Connect With Your Past Lives

Firstly, I began visualising the Reiki symbols that we learn in Reiki Degree II as a focus for the energies to connect. Furthermore, it is important that we ask for guidance, protection, and healing when journeying across time and space.

During my meditation, I crossed a bridge to meet my guide who was waiting for me on the other side. I was wanting to connect to find out more about who, or what guides me, and why. Sure enough, a wispy light form, which is the only way I can describe my guide, came forward and took me to a place I know very well.

Half Moon Bay in Heysham

Half Moon Bay is where I grew up and I strongly sense a belonging every time I return. There is very much a spiritual connection that stirs strongly when I visit the beach and The Barrows. This is high upon the headland overlooking Morecambe Bay with beautiful views of the mountains in the Lake District.

Li, my spirit guide took me to the beach named Half Moon Bay to show me the labyrinth that is carved into the rock.

This is a key to another world“, is what Li is wanting to share with me.

Following my careful examination of the labyrinth, I begin looking out over the calm water of the Irish Sea. Coming towards me from the water, is a dear friend who has passed in this lifetime. She is offering me a gift of a beautiful light pink pearl. With feelings of love I greatly receive it only to then look behind me, and witness an angry man charging at me!

This man was stocky with a tan coloured smock with a rope. The odd thing is that I don’t recollect what he was wearing waist down. I clearly remember fists clenched with a feeling of anger for me. His eyes were brown along with his dark hair and beard, which was not short, but not long. I’m not clear what time period this is, but I do believe I am reliving a past life.

Freedom in the stars by Amanda Norman

Li My Spirit Guide

With grace, Li takes my hand and we fly high into the beautiful night sky to dance among the stars. Of course, I know that my physical body remains on the beach, hence why I strongly feel that it was a previous death. For now though, we are totally free, floating without a care in the world and it feels wonderful! I can only describe it as a pure feeling of oneness and love.

Suddenly, I find myself looking deep into the eyes of a wise, old man whom I recognise well from other meditations. I often sit with him overlooking the bay in silence while we meditate. Funnily enough, we always sit together at The Barrows so here there is a connection. However, I now learn that he gave me up for sacrifice with strong feelings of love. We don’t use words to communicate but I can deeply feel his sorrow while looking deep into his dark eyes. Long grey hair with a beard to match surrounds his aging skin. I often refer to him as my King of Cups as I meditated once on this tarot card and this is when I first met him.

It is no wonder that I have a lot to continue working on to figure out the full meaning of my latest journey. Of course, further meditations are in the pipeline.

Summarising Reiki and Past Lives

First of all, I learn that my guides name is Li. After researching the meaning of Li, I find the following: –

  • Li is a Chinese unit of measurement

I don’t feel that Li, my spirit guide, is Chinese however, I do feel that they were of Eastern origin. They most definitely had a head covering and long robes. Again though, my vision is more of a wispy movement of light and love.

  • Li is primarily a neutral Chinese name. Pretty is feminine and powerful is masculine

I don’t feel that the gender of Li is important especially considering there is no physical form. Next I find this: –

The Liology Institute

This is mind blowing as I do a lot of work with Reiki and Universal energy. In Japanese we call energy ‘ki‘. Once energy is created it can only mutate and will never die. This is obviously a defining moment to be working with Li. I do believe that I am being guided to incorporate Reiki into past life regression. Of course, reading the rest of the article above is a fascinating read.

The Labyrinth Carving at Heysham

Firstly, I know that this carving isn’t that old. The National Trust state that is it is, ROCK ART (Early 18th C to Late 19th C – 1701 AD to 1900 AD).

Nonetheless, it still appears in my vision for a reason. Whatever our subconscious mind reveals to us, know that it is for a reason. Exploring these symbols is what provides us with the information we seek.

On a different note, I highly recommend reading George Nash’s research article titled, Heysham Labyrinth. The photograph you see here is of the labyrinth found at Half Moon Bay and was taken by George Nash.

Labyrinth’s take you on a journey of spiritual transformation and until now, I always thought a maze was simply, a fun walking activity. After looking further into the spiritual meaning of one, I find the paragraph below that significantly pulls my experience together.

Wendy Bumgardner at

Significance of Gifting a Pink Pearl

The spiritual gifting of a pearl is said to bestow, peace, wisdom, and spiritual transformation. Furthermore, it is linked with the sacral chakra that is governed by the moon. I do a lot of moon magic as it keeps me balanced and harmonised.

In particular, a pink pearl brings good health and this is one of my worries at the moment that I wanted to find out about. Generosity, love, compassion, loyalty, and kindness are also gifts from a pink pearl.

Concluding of Reiki and Past Lives

So, I still have lots to explore with this experience and it is most definitely linking in with my journey of spiritual transformation. Furthermore, my intuition is guiding me to combine Reiki and Past Lives Regression into a unique experience, which can potentially be offered as a service. Subsequently, I can also offer it as a Reiki workshop in the future however, I need to do my research first. Watch this space!


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