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Womanhood and the Moon


In today’s post titled Womanhood and the Moon, I discuss why you should embrace your menopause as a spiritual transformation.

Womanhood and the moon
Womanhood and the Moon

Firstly, as part of my spiritual transformation, I took up ‘moon magic‘ to help me maintain a positive mindset. Thus, here I am today running my own business and enjoying the feeling of fulfilment. Secondly, and without a doubt, my spiritual life is fundamental in aiding me through my menopause journey.

With this in mind, if you have not yet read my other posts regarding menopause, you can do so here.

Womanhood and The Moon

So, what is the connection between womanhood and the moon, and why is it important?

Fundamentally, life is continually changing and evolving. Seasons come and go and so too does the lunar phase.

The lunar phase is the cycle of the moon, as shown here. Each phase lasts approximately 29.5 days and we can compare this to a ladies premenstrual cycle of 28 days.

The moon governs our feelings too. Think of it this way.

The moon has the power to controls the ebb and flow of tides so consider this. Your body is 60% water therefore, she can pull on your emotions. Why do you think people struggle around the time of a new or full moon?

Another way at looking at the moon’s cycle is to begin with the waning moon.

The light of the waning moon is disappearing and you will see a thin crescent on the left. Spiritually, this is a time of release and recuperation with lots of healing energy. Furthermore, we are more in tune with our psychic abilities and intuition. We need to trust our feelings when light is limited because there is not enough light to see.

It also represents the maiden in the transformation of womanhood. A young girl does not have wisdom and knowledge to guide her, hence her adventurous spirit.

Secondly, the full moon represents the blossoming of womanhood. Here a woman is fully living life, loving and nurturing with an abundance of energy.

Lastly, the waxing moon that is lit on the right side represents the crone. When reaching crone status, following menopause, woman are celebrating freedom in some cultures. Thankfully, I’m celebrating my freedom of being my own boss and of no more periods!

Don’t talk about menopause

Of course us ladies are getting older, but this is a fact of life that we cannot escape. We must accept our transitions and adopting a spiritual or holistic approach helps.

Talking about menopause is sadly still a taboo topic.

Unfortunately, a lot of ladies are ashamed or even frightened to consider menopause approaching. Indeed, if like me, they will not entertain the notion at all until sadly, it becomes the answer to their depression, anxiety or weight gain. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty more symptoms of menopause however, I’ve only mentioned three of them for this article.

Sadly, if us ladies are better prepared and not afraid of menopause, we can most certainly embrace our menopause. We do not need to be struggling with it.

Menopause with Amanda

As a menopause coach, I can guide you with making informed choices and offer you an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). I offer a holistic approach to menopause, which is complementary to your doctor or health care providers treatment.

What is good about becoming a crone?

First of all, no more bloody periods!

Most importantly though, the wisdom you obtain throughout your life serves you well.

My wisdom allows me to coach others with loving and caring advice. In fact, there is a saying that life gets better with age, and I fully embrace this. I find my life right now to be wonderfully fulfilling. It truly is a coming of age and one to be celebrated.

Secondly, post menopause or crone, is forcing you to slow down and celebrate your successes. Slow down and live life, recuperate following your hard work. For me, I’m finding it surprisingly easy to do.

Thirdly and most importantly, slowing down allows you to fully experience life. Enjoying time with friends, family and doing things you love to do, comes easy. Accepting this transition is opening the door for more good times as you attract anything on a similar vein.

When it comes to looks however, well, I agree that this is not so easy hence why I have blonde in my hair. A good diet will care for your skin however. Knowing what foods to eat brings further benefits that assists with managing your transformation. As for my weight gain, I’ve already starting losing it.

Womanhood and the Moon Conclusion

Funnily enough, a male client yesterday asked me if I was a white witch, which put a big smile on my face. I always think of a witch when I hear the word crone.

Rapport building comes easily now and life for me, flows. Also, I don’t know yet if I am a crone as I never kept a record of my last period. You reach menopause 9 to 12 months following your last period and menopause only lasts one day. Then you become post menopause and hopefully, you embrace becoming a crone.

If you would like to sign up to my Menopause with Amanda programme, then please get in touch. You can read more about it here.


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