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Spiritual Transformation and Menopause


Today, I’m writing about menopause and my spiritual transformation.

Spiritual Transformation and Menopause
Spiritual Transformation and Menopause

For a while now, I’ve had this knowing feeling that menopause is a part of my spiritual transformation.

Instead of fighting it, I must embrace my natural changes and celebrate the positive aspects it brings. No more periods!

Furthermore, resisting the flow of nature will only bring suffering on a body, mind, and soul level.

In my first post, My Menopause Journey, I described how I wasn’t aware of being perimenopausal. Fortunately for me, I am lucky that due to my experience of suffering anxiety and depression, I adopted my current spiritual path. Thankfully, I learned the art of practicing gratitude and mindfulness, which I do every day.

My Spiritual Transformation with Menopause

Without a doubt, being in the present moment and seeing the beauty of life is key to enjoying it. More importantly, it has benefitted me in coping with my symptoms of hormonal change. This is especially so during my struggles with negative feelings such as anxiety and a lack of confidence.

There are some days that, even though I know how to manage my negative thoughts and behaviours, they get the better of me. I feel as though I am fighting a losing battle because, what more can I do?

Well, as I have recently found out, feelings are a lot more difficult to control than logic. In addition, a lack of knowledge about menopause and its symptoms did not help me.

Becoming a Menopause Coach

Thankfully, I was guided to a course about menopause as part of my Continued Professional Development, (CPD).

My gut feeling was correct in that it would be the perfect add on to my existing hypnotherapy skills. In addition, the moment I heard the tutor, Kim Thomas talking about menopause on a podcast, I instantly knew that this was the right step for me. Without a doubt, I have learned so much in my first two training sessions, which has helped me to make significant changes.

Firstly, knowledge and acceptance of what is happening within my body and mind, is a game changer.

Secondly, there are numerous tips, techniques and exercises one can undertake that makes life a lot easier to manage.

Thirdly, they are easy to learn and implement! Now, I can bring them to you!

I am over the moon that I made the decision to become a Menopause Coach. Furthermore, sometimes I believe that it is a path that I am meant to be on, as a healer. How can I teach other ladies without genuine experience and training?

Adopting a Spiritual Life

Making a conscious choice to focus on your present surroundings, maintains a healthy balance of mind, body, and soul.

Indeed, I learned this approach of being mindful as an exercise to ease and manage my anxiety. Of course, with anxiety, you are constantly focusing on your past or future while catastrophising. Consequently, continual catastrophising can lead to a debilitating lifestyle.

Catastrophising is imagining the worst case scenario of an event or an outcome.

Amanda Norman Adv/Dip/Hyp

Becoming accustomed to observing your thoughts with the use of mindfulness meditation, allows you to step right off that anxiety roundabout.

Reiki and Menopause

One of my most instrumental changes was my journey of becoming a Reiki Master.

The sheer joy I experience through teaching Reiki and providing treatments, also heals my mind, body, and soul.

Learning how to self-heal with Reiki and adopting the five Reiki principles into your daily routine is highly beneficial.

You can read a post I wrote titled, ‘How Reiki Awakened My Soul‘ for more of an insight.

Five Reiki Principles
Five Reiki Principles

Spiritual Transformation and Menopause Conclusion

As a consequence of my existing spiritual transformation, I really do believe that it helps me cope with my menopausal symptoms.

One of my biggest lessons learned to date, is the importance of ‘going with the flow‘. Obviously, I am fully aware that it is not easy to simply, ‘go with the flow‘. However, being aware of your feelings and examining them is an essential daily practice. Doing so enables you to accept challenges and treat them as opportunities for growth.

Finally, you cannot avoid the menopause. However, you can embrace it as part of your spiritual transformation.

My next post will examine the moon and womanhood.

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