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My Menopause Journey


I am writing My Menopause Journey because I have recently learned that I have suffered needlessly. Unfortunately, I never realised that I could be suffering from hormonal changes due to the onset of menopause. With prior knowledge, I could have better prepared myself and instead of existing, I could have been living!

This is my story and it is the reason why I am passionate about starting my journey as a Menopause Coach.

My Menopause Journey
Menopause with Amanda

Amanda’s Menopause Journey

Without a doubt, menopause is something that I was struggling with, probably for the past 6 years however, I didn’t know that my suffering was related to menopause. Thankfully, I can describe myself now as a phoenix taking flight from the flames.

I am now fully in control and because I do not want other ladies to needlessly suffer like I did, I am now a Menopause Coach. More importantly, I am also managing my menopause.

Unfortunately, I will not be the first or the last woman to feel quite ignorant about the effect of menopause on our bodies. Indeed, before my training, I didn’t fully understand if I was perimenopause, or menopausal. Therefore, let me briefly explain what you need to know.

What is Menopause?

The definition of the word ‘menopause’ is the ‘last menstrual period’.

Did you know that you only experience menopause for one day?

Following menopause, the day of your last period, you are post-menopause plus, you can still be experiencing symptoms.

Perimenopause is when we are experiencing symptoms of hormonal change. Also, periods become less frequent and lighter until eventually they cease. Women on average experience this in their forties, but it is important to remember that each woman is unique. I once worked with a lady whose menopause began at the age of 21. Also, each woman will experience different symptoms at different times.

Menopause is not always entered into naturally. Surgical menopause, the removal of the ovaries or a hysterectomy will kickstart menopause. Also, chemotherapy for cancer can bring the onset of menopause. For further information, please visit the NHS Menopause webpage.

I was ignorant when it came to my menopause journey

Prior to my menopause training and obviously experiencing some symptoms, I was totally ignorant, and I don’t mind admitting it.

Hearing horror stories of ladies struggling with it was enough for me to avoid the subject altogether. I believed that when the time arrived, I will deal with it then. Well, unfortunately, it can creep up on you without you realising.

Imagine my shock to find out that I’ve more than likely been experiencing it for the past six years. Furthermore, I’m slightly disheartened that through various visits to my local GP, they never picked up on it. Mind you, should I be expecting the GP’s to pick up on it? Afterall, it is not like I have been presenting all of my symptoms at once.

Also, let me be clear!

I am fully aware that us ladies will not be tested for menopause. Our hormones are constantly fluctuating and therefore these tests are unreliable. However, understanding what is happening to our bodies, and being aware of the most common symptoms is key. Knowing this information allows you to take control with easy tips, techniques, and exercises, which I can show you as part of my Menopause with Amanda service.

Wouldn’t you like to embrace your menopause like me?

Below I’ve listed some of my main symptoms that I have been experiencing over the last six years. It is important to remember that every woman is unique with their own journey of menopause.

  • joint stiffness (shoulder problems)
  • General Anxiety Disorder diagnosis in 2017 (GAD)
  • depression and stress
  • urinary problems
  • Sudden redness as though I’m embarrassed when doing presentations
  • Overactive thyroid, eventually removed
  • loss of labido
  • uncontrollable sugar/glucose levels (I was managing my diabetes at one point)
  • stomach bloating
  • weight gain around the middle
  • hot flushes

Amanda Norman embraces her menopause

“Part of my spiritual journey is rising from the flames like a phoenix to embrace my menopause.”

— Amanda Norman Adv/Dip/Hyp

Spiritual Transformation and Menopause

Over the past six months or so, my intuition has been successfully guiding me. My menopause is most definitely a part of my spiritual transformation and to fight it, will only bring some kind of suffering. I am lucky that due to my trouble with anxiety, I have learned the importance of practicing mindfulness and meditation that has undoubtedly helped me through my transition. Fortunately, I have lots more to write about this subject, which you can read here, Menopause and My Spiritual Transformation.

No more hot flushes!

Thankfully, due to the foods and supplements I am taking, my hot flushes have ceased. In addition, I am sleeping better than I was however, I still have a stiff and painful shoulder at the time of writing. It is important to note though, that I am currently not taking any pain medication or cream for it. Luckily, I have the skills and knowledge to manage my pain and I am fully aware of what triggers other symptoms such as brain fog.

I am in control of my menopause symptoms as I now understand what is happening to my body. With knowledge of what is happening and knowing easy techniques to manage the symptoms, life just gets better and better!

Most importantly, my biggest lesson to date is that I should now have been avoiding the subject of menopause.

Menopause with Amanda Service

With my experience and gained wisdom, I will teach you methods that will have you embracing your major change. Over a period of six sessions, you will learn how to manage and control your symptoms with various tips, techniques and exercises that are easy to learn.

Get in touch with me today if you would like to learn more.


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