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Spiritual Progression


Spiritual progression is the journey of our soul to reach ascension, a place of pure oneness, love, and light. Can you imagine experiencing a state of pure bliss, of pure love without a care in the world?

For a long time, I was curious about past lives and if I had lived a previous life. Thankfully, my Reiki Master was teaching hypnotherapy, and past life regression was one of the modules. During my training, I first experienced a past life, and I can only describe it as odd. I say this because I’m naturally a sceptical person and I was experiencing myself as a boy, and then a man. Most importantly, I remembered the words of my tutor telling us students to go with the flow and not start analysing it with our conscious minds. We can do that following the regression.

Subsequently, I continue experiencing my many past lives. Furthermore, my knowledge of spiritual progression is growing too!

Today, it’s ever expanding through my work as a past life regressionist. I’m also in awe at my latest client’s journey that I will get to shortly but first, I want to provide you with a quick explanation about spiritual progression.

Spiritual Progression

The journey our soul undertakes can be many and past life regression is a technique to explore them.

In addition, following a past life, your soul enters the afterlife or a place that most regressionists refer to as ‘life between lives’. Here, you meet your soul family and learn lessons about your spiritual journey so far. Indeed, there are different ranks of spirit guides, which I will write about in another post.
To progress to a place of oneness, your soul will achieve many life experiences in a quest to find profound wisdom. Our soul is also achieving this through the concept of ‘karma’ and righting the wrongs of our past.

Brian Weiss Quote about spiritual progression
Brian Weiss is renowned for past life regression.

What is Karma?

Karma is the residual energy of previous past lives that we haven’t yet resolved or learned from. Many people with repeating patterns of negative behaviour, or phobias and fears, or even pain have found that when regressed to a previous life, they discover the root cause, and this clarity brings healing.
Following each past life, the soul returns to their soul family in the afterlife. Here it can rest until deciding to come back to the physical plane to right their wrong doings, or to experience more of life on the physical plane.

People are healing their past, present, and future with past life regression.

Louise’s Journey to their After Life

My client who I shall name Louise so that I can protect her identity, booked in for an interest only session. This is purely to experience a happy past life without any therapy attached. What unfolded was truly awe inspiring.

Louise’s soul travelled back to 323BC in a Turkish desert.

She had feelings of intense joy and happiness due to reuniting with her husband. As a consequence of him fighting in wars, she had endured the pain of loneliness and sadness. Thankfully, in today’s session, intense feelings of love were present once more. They held each other tightly in a loving embrace.

Now normally, I will take a client into their ‘life between lives‘ following significant events however, Louise naturally migrated there. As a result, Louise was provided with some important messages from her love.

  • She’s beautiful
  • Her feelings of loneliness is the reason her soul is on the Earth plane
  • She needs to learn lessons around trusting people
  • Go ahead and start being creative with your art

Here comes the most beautiful part. She didn’t want to leave him, but she knew that she must. They were above the clouds and as she looked down, the staircase was before her. She descended the stairs to her present life, with profound wisdom that I’m sure will change her outlook on life.

As with any past life regression session, her knowledge and wisdom will continue to grow. Following my regressions, information still continues to reveal itself via meditation or quiet moments of contemplation. It truly is a wonderful journey of learning and most certainly one of developing your spirituality.

Discovering your Spiritual Progression

If you would like to experience your spiritual progress via past life regression, please click here for further information and the opportunity to book in.


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