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Controlling Binge Eating


So, it’s been a while since my latest update about my client’s progress with controlling her binge eating. Following on from her third session, she’s doing wonderfully well. However, it’s essential that you note how committed she is to controlling her weight and stopping the binge eating. This is because her commitment to achieving success isn’t faltering.

Firstly, my client has enjoyed participating in a total of three, weekly hypnotherapy sessions. This is because she’s block booking her sessions with me and therefore receives a discount. Also, an added advantage is her being able to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings I’ve provided to her, for between sessions. As we can see, these are helping her a lot.

Weight Control

I love the fact that my client is enjoying her food and hypnotherapy sessions. Furthermore, she’s continuing her goal of losing weight at about 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Binge Eating

Her binge eating is a challenging prospect and one that needs careful consideration. Although she’s controlling what she eats, her confidence isn’t fully there and I wouldn’t expect it to be after just three sessions. It’s important to note that our confidence and motivation is always high when starting something new. Therefore, this is still early days and there is much to learn such as underlying stress issues that may be a contributing factor.

Further Hypnotherapy Sessions

A further hypnotherapy session is booked and in the diary. She’s enjoying the relaxation side of hypnotherapy that’s assisting her with managing her stress. Furthermore, I’m thankful she’s not resorting to food as a means of managing stress.

Following her progress so far, her next hypnotherapy session will be a booster, however she would like more relaxation. Therefore I’m combining the next session with Reiki and as always we shall see how that goes.

Hypnotherapy for binge eating and control Part 4

Controlling Binge Eating Video Diaries

Below you will find recordings of my clients previous videos starting at 1 for the beginning. Of course, she’s kind enough to allow me to continue publishing them here: –

  1. Hypnotherapy for weight control
  2. Hypnosis for Binge Eating
  3. Weight Control
  4. Part 4

Therapy Location

Based in Liverpool, Amanda offers her hypnotherapy services in the privacy of her home. Without a doubt, Amanda takes the upmost care to ensure your confidentiality, comfort and care. Subsequently, ensuring your successful therapy session.

Her home is located in the Bowring Park (L16) area of Liverpool. She will provide her full address during the booking process.

Amanda is a certified life coach and hypnotherapist who is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Amanda also offers Reiki treatments and training. If you’re interested in Reiki please visit Learn Reiki and Liverpool Crystals for more information.


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