Hypnosis for binge eating

Hypnosis for binge eating

Hypnosis for binge eating is the continual progress of my client’s journey as she works on controlling her eating habits. I highly recommend that you watch her first video diaries here at Hypnotherapy for Weight Control. You can also find further information about binge eating on the NHS website by clicking here.

Today, watch her joy as she explains how she has lost 3lbs in weight. I’m over the moon for her. Furthermore, she’s already controlling what she eats therefore, binge eating is not an issue.

Please be aware that she’s gladly provided me with permission to share these.

Hypnosis for binge eating

Oh what joy!

You can clearly see how much she’s enjoying herself following her first session of hypnosis. The key to her progress is her commitment and hard work that she’s maintaining to achieve her goal. As your hypnotherapist, I provide you with tools and suggestions that help you to make changes. Together, we will work on finding a solution that works for both of us.

Weight Loss Goals

My client is enjoying attending the gym. She is clearly committing to her goal of losing her desired amount of weight of one stone. More importantly, she’s controlling her need for binge eating. I’m applauding her for doing so well in her first week.

You maybe surprised to know that most client’s of hypnotherapy experience remarkable success during their first week. This is undoubtedly due to their strong desires of achieving their goal. However, the key for me is to ensure that we sustain momentum while achieving great results.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy do I require?

It’s difficult for any therapist to tell you how many sessions you require as we are all unique and we will discuss your progress on each session. On average, weight lost can take between 10 and fifteen sessions however, in some cases three to five can be achievable. This is why I offer hypnotherapy sessions in blocks of three of five bookings. I do offer a discount when booking block sessions instead of paying per hour.

Finally, we will see how many sessions it takes my client to achieve her goals, but please remember, we are all unique.

Controlling Binge Eating Video Diaries

Below you will find recordings of my clients previous videos starting at 1 for the beginning. Of course, she’s kind enough to allow me to continue publishing them here: –

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