Weight Control

Weight Control

Hopefully, you’re learning a lot about my client’s weight control through watching her video diaries. Fortunately, her progress is continuing well and she will be returning on Monday for her third session. During this session, we will be able to evaluate the need for further sessions.

Weight Control Video Diary Day 8

Weight Control Video Diary Day 8

Hypnotherapy and expectations

My client’s expectation about ‘clucking like a chicken‘ isn’t uncommon but she has made me laugh with her latest update. Also, I’m loving how bright her eyes are and her smiling face as she talks about her experience. Clearly, her journey is going in a wonderful and positive direction.

The homework she is undertaking during her second week of hypnosis is listening to the meditation that I’ve recorded for her to provide her with some reinforcement. However, to ensure this works, we did spend some time examining her current eating habits such as when, why and where does she lose control when eating. This session resulted in some fascinating information and allowed us to think of different activities to partake in rather than resorting to food. Most of all, my client is working with me to achieve the results she wants and you have to be 100% honest and committed for any form of therapy to work.

Weight Control Video Diary Day 9

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session to find out how she did over the weekend. Further updates will be coming your way soon. In the meantime, if you would like to speak to me about hypnotherapy, please click here and don’t forget that I do provide a free 15 minute consultation.

Controlling Binge Eating Video Diaries

Below you will find recordings of my clients previous videos starting at 1 for the beginning. Of course, she’s kind enough to allow me to continue publishing them here: –

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Therapy Location

Based in Liverpool, Amanda offers her hypnotherapy services in the privacy of her home. Without a doubt, Amanda takes the upmost care to ensure your confidentiality, comfort and care for ensuring your successful therapy session.

Her home is located in the Bowring Park (L16) area of Liverpool and full address details will be provided during the booking process.

Amanda is a certified life coach and hypnotherapist who is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Amanda also offers Reiki treatments and training. If you’re interested in Reiki please visit Learn Reiki and Liverpool Crystals for more information.